Monday, November 15, 2010

Quick One


This letter is going to be quick. We have to be back in piso in 5 minutes. Today was crazy. we got up at 4 am to go get my fingerprints done for my residency. it was my last step. in 40 days i´ll get my dni card and be official.then after that we went down to catarroja to make paella with the hinckleys. the capilla there is HUGE!

this week was fun. i went up to castellon for intercambios for a few days. i was with elder middleton. he´s a transfer ahead of me and super good at spanish. he´s also from london. it was really fun and a great learning experience. i had to speak a lot more spanish. they had christmas lights up throughout the city but they´re not lit yet. it doesnt feel like christmas is less than a month and a half away!! mostly cuz it´s a lot warmer than home and utah at this time of year.

we had another baptism this weekend. two people got baptized in the Valencia 2nd ward (the hermanas´ area). and one from our area, Antonia. Antonia is the 76 year old lady that elder lara and i have been teaching. it was funny because yesterday after she received the Holy Ghost/was confirmed by elder lara, she gave him a 5 minute long hug. then she preceded to slowly (she´s super frail) hug and kiss everyone on the stand. there were a lot of people on the stand bc it was a special sacrament mtg about missionary work and there were a lot of short talks/testimonies.

we get to spend pretty much this whole week with the hinckleys. we´re having a mini ccm (mtc) training session through thursday every morning. i´m super excited. i love the hinckleys. i can´t help but be happy around them!

sorry this pc has no slot for my camera card.i´ll try again next week.

elder buchkovich

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