Tuesday, June 26, 2012

La Cueva

It sure is hot! It reached 45 degrees celsius on Thursday!!!! And that does not include humidity!!!!
Saturday we had a really fun experience. The Valencia stake had a stake wide "Manos que ayudan"  (mormon helping hands) service project. We went and performed service for the morning. As a stake we went out to a small pueblo about 45 minutes from valencia to clean up/make repairs around the town. Nearby the pueblo there is a picnic area. Us four elders got chosen to go in a group to clean up trash in the picnic area. Well nearby the picnic area is a giant cave. Everyone was assigned to fill up a trash bag. Everyone stayed near the picnic area picking up trash. But we decided to slowly start venturing towards the cave. On the main path towards the cave we found loads of trash, that we were able to clean up. When we filled up our bag we decided to explore the cave. We found a small pathway that leads towards the cave. We had to weave through trees and bushes, climb up rocks/hills, etc. It felt just like a family hike on vacation. When we arrived at the cave, it was better than we could imagine! Water trickled down the front of the cave into a gorgeous spring of water. It was breathtakingly beautful. We took pictures and enjoyed a few moments of quiet. Then we heard some voices as the rest of the group made their way towards the cave. Everyone was quite surprised to see us their already. All the jovens went swimming. (i was quite jealous!) It was a fun little activity. Then we went back to work picking up trash. Afterwards a stake member who is famous for his paella (the same that made paella for los teixera) made paella for everyone. It was delicious! Service is so much fun.
Miracle: Angels are preparing people and softening their hearts. A few weeks ago we stopped visiting an investigator because she just was not progressing. But this Friday she randomly called us. And Sunday she surprised us by coming to church! She is suddenly a lot more open to the Gospel. Sometimes it is hard to stop teaching people, however when we put our trust in God, he continues preparing them.
¡Hasta luego! 
Elder Buchkovich 

Monday, June 11, 2012


¡Que calor! It is hot, hot, hot here in good ole Valencia. But I don´t mind at all! Everything is going so well. The entire zone is progressing amazingly! Our area has been seeing some up and downs, but we have some great people who will be baptized in the weeks to come.
My companion and I did a special fast for one of our families with a fecha, asking Heavenly Father to help them receive/recognize the answer to their prayers. Although they have been to church several times already, we felt that it was especially important for them to come this weekend in order to receive these answers. We stopped by to pick them up before church, and they were not even starting to get ready. However they promised to get ready and come a little late. During the first talk, only the mother walked in. We were a bit disappointed that only she came. However a few minutes later more of the family came walking in. It was quite a relief to see them in church! I know that Heavenly Father answered our prayers and fast by helping them come. And I am even more sure that He is answering the prayers of our investigators.
Well I do not have anymore time to write. Sorry for the short letter!
¡Hasta luego!
Elder Buchkovich

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Elder Sergio Lucero

What a wonderful week! It has been an amazing experience returning to Valencia. People actually remember me! There are members that remember me, whom I do not remember! haha. It is crazy....little babies that I knew are running around, talking. I cannot believe it!!!
The Lord´s timing is amazing! I arrived in Valencia on Tuesday. And on Thursday Sergio, my first baptism, received his call to the Misión España  Málaga. It was one of the happiest moments of my mission!! It is so wonderful to know that he still so strong in the Gospel. He has so much faith. His family is going through so many trials. Some people are telling him to stay home. But he knows God will bless his family, and that this is the best thing he can do for his family. He is going to see so many miracles. I am so excited for him!
I am writing late (in the mission office) because we had zone leaders´ concilio today. It was amazing! I learned so much from President. It was super spiritual. The mission really is something special. I am so grateful to be out here. I can not even express myself when it comes to talking about how amazing the mission is. I love it so much!!!
There are way too many miracles in Valencia. One that especially strikes me happened with Jorge, who was baptized this weekend. It really shows the power of the priesthood and faith. Jorge had his baptismal interview on Thursday. After the interview he told us that he had been smoking that morning and asked us for a blessing. After the blessing he confidently told us that he would never smoke again. Later we found out that as I anointed him with oil, he felt an energy like electricity go through his body, starting from his head. After the blessing he threw away his cigarettes and has not smoked a single one since. The priesthood is real. Miracles really happen through the priesthood when we are worthy and have faith!
¡Hasta luego!
Elder Buchkovich

The story begins and ends in Valencia


Well as seems to be the pattern in my mission, my best areas last only
3 months. We were quite shocked by transfer calls this past week. I
spent the entire day travelling. I have returned to Valencia as a zone
leader. It will be the same ward that I started in! I am super
excited! It still has not hit me that I am in VALENCIA again.

It was truly sad leaving Burgos. The members there are amazing and I
love all of converts there. We saw some great miracles in Burgos!!

I cannot fully express how exciting it is to be in Valencia. Maybe
next week I will do a better job. I am so excited to see everyone
again and actually be able to speak with them!

Last miracle story from Burgos:
Two weeks ago we passed by a menos activo´s piso, but he was not home.
While my companion spoke to him on the phone to set up a visit, I
looked across the street and saw two women with whom I felt we should
talk. I immediately turned to my companion and said that we neeed to
cross the street quickly. My companion was quite confused as to what
the rush was but followed me as I ran and crossed the street. We
started to catch up to the two women, but the sidewalk was thin and
due to people walking in the opposite direction, we could not overcome
them to talk to them. Finally at the next street corner, I caught them
and started talking to them. They are the mothers of two Ecuatorian
families that live together. We visited them for the first time this
week. When we arrived, two of their friends were there. It turns out
that these two women invited their friends (another Ecuatorian
family)over just to visit with us. In one visit we started teaching
three new families, all of which were really excited to start reading
the Book of Mormon and find peace in the lives!

¡Hasta luego!

Elder Buchkovich

Record attendance in Burgos

This was a great week for Burgos! We did not teach as many lessons as we have been, but we finally reached ALL of the "new" pautas de excelencia!! Also Daniel was baptized. He is a great little kid. I am glad he could finally get baptized. I felt really bad though for his cousin Diego. He did not receive permission from his mother to be baptized. He looked really sad at the baptism and teared up a little bit as Danny left the water.
Sunday was amazing!  The asistencia in Burgos was 73!!!! That is ward-like!! The members are super excited! The only problem. There is no room in the capilla. There were literally people sitting out in the hall because there was no room in the sacrament room. The next few months will be really fun here in Burgos!
Again there were various miracles this week! One miracle resulted from trying something new that I would normally be against doing. The story starts Saturday night at the end of planning. As we ended the closing prayer, my companion felt inspired that José, the friend of a member, could be a possible baptism this weekend. The next day as the passing of the Sacrament ended, we counted only 5 investigators present in Sacrament Meeting. Again one short of the pautas. However, José popped into my mind. He was not at church and needed to come to Sacrament meeting one more time before being baptized. In a split decision we decided to follow President Hinckley´s and Elder Caussé´s counsel to do everything to get people to church, even if it means leaving. Luckily he lives right by the capilla. As we were waiting for him to get ready, we spoke with his mother. It turns out her brothers are active returned missionaries! She also has nephews who served missions. She is super interested in meeting with us. Luckily we got José back in Sacrament on time to listen to the High Counselor speak. Tonight we are going to meet with José to talk about baptism. The miracle is my companion`s inspiration at the end of planning. There are two great blessing from this miracle. First of all we finally met José´s mother. Secondly, we got José to church. Now he can be baptized this weekend!
!Hasta luego!
Elder Buchkovich