Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Socialized Healthcare


Well there is not much to report from this week....because well I spent most of the week in piso. Yep, I am sick. And in order to be given permission to stay in piso as a missionary, you have to be super sick. Well it´s been 8 days since I have been able to retain anything solid in my body. And quite often even liquids make me sick. Water is my only friend at the moment. I am super pale. And I have lost 5 kilos (about 10 lbs) this week! Wednesday night (technically Thursday morning) I got to experience socialized healthcare. And to be quite honest, I did not like it one bit! It is really tempting to go off on a political rant right now about healthcare, but I´m not supposed to talk about politics, so I will refrain myself. All I merely need to say is that I still do not like socialized healthcare. Anyway I woke up that night with a fever of 103.4 and was super weak. Thus Elder Plaskett took me to the hospital. After waiting forever and doing a bunch of random tests, they finally treated me for the fever and dehydration. At the moment, I no longer have a fever, but I still have trouble retaining food in my body.

Also, our baptisms for this weekend have been postponed. Tracy broke her hand and now has a cast. Her mom wants to wait to be baptized with her daughter. We will find out later this week when we can reschedule the baptisms.

Well, despite all the trials, we are still getting some work done. And the Lord´s work always brings a smile to the face. So, don´t worry too much about me. I´ll be fine.

Happy New Year!

¡Hasta luego!

Elder Buchkovich

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