Tuesday, January 18, 2011

European mission


What a terrible week!!!! We lost 6 investigators (people we are teaching about our church) this week. Coincidentally they are all from the Dominican Republic. Two of them are Daisy and Tracy, who we used to have a baptismal fecha set for. Ramon, the husband, had to fly to the Dominican Republic because his mom died. They only had enough money to fly him there and not back. Daisy asked us not to come back until Ramon came home. This confirms our suspicions that she wasn´t developing a testimony and agreed to baptism only to support her daughter. Tracy still wants to get baptized when her dad gets home (whenever that is) but we have no way of meeting with her to help her keep progressing. Thus this was a very hard blow. Their friends, the other Ramon and his sons Jorge and Jonathon, keep cancelling on us. And in fact one day while we were walking toward their piso for a cita, Ramon was walking up ahead. He saw us and ran across the street through traffic and kept running to avoid us. Later that day we had to make a quick stop at Mercadona (a grocery store like Giant Eagle or Heinans) to buy some soap. We happened to glance up and see Ramon trying to pay as fast he can and running out of the store. They day before he had cancelled on us also,saying he had a job interview. We passed by a locutorio to talk to one of our future investigators and Ramon was there just chatting with his friends! His face when he saw us was hilarious! Thus we´ve decided to drop him and his sons and stop setting up citas for a while. Another investigator, Juan, keeps saying he´s super interested, but ever since his member friend left to visit the Dominican Republic for a month, he hasn´t shown up to a cita!

It´s been really hard for Elder Plaskett and I. We feel that are teaching methods are not up to par and that we are not inviting the Spirit enough. We also feel that we are not doing adequate job with street contacts. Thus we feel partially to blame for our investigators´ lack of interest in meeting with us. Also our relationship with Elder Da Silva is not improving at all! It´s getting much worse. And now he keeps making us look bad in front of the members. We really don´t know what to do. Thus it has been a really hard week for us.

On the bright side, Alex finally came to church again! He really seemed to enjoy it. And he even told a few of his old friends that he´d see them again next week! Although he won´t admit that he enjoyed it or said that. lol! He really is a great person. I was really depressed Sunday and he cheered me up quite well!

I really don´t know what else to say about this week. I forgot my camera again this week. ¡Lo siento!

¡Hasta luego!

Elder Buchkovich

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