Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Crazy Week Ahead


Well this past week I spent getting to know everyone in the area. We have an interesting area. Recently Elder Hansen gave most of our area in Tarragona to the other elders here because they were having trouble finding people to teach. Thus, we don´t work very much in Tarragona. We work in several pueblos. Torredembarra is a really nice pueblo on the coast. And St. Pere y St Pau is a nice pueblo super close to the coast also. Most of our focus, though, is on Reus. It´s a nearby city that is only slightly smaller than Tarragona. There used to be a rama (branch) of the church there. My goal over these next few months that I am here is to do all that I can to prepare the city for a rama again. Elder Hansen is great. It´s a little sad that I´ll only be working with him for one transfer before he goes home.

This week is going to be crazy. There is leadership training in Barç this week. All the district and zone leaders attend. Since my companion is district leader, he has to go. Thus while he is there, I will be in Zaragoza. Of the four elders in Zaragoza, 3 of them have leadership positions so I have to go there and be with the greenie who is left over. This causes a problem because we have a baptism this weekend we have to prepare for. We can´t send the greenie here because then there would be no elders in Zaragoza. Thus i have to go there and the other Tarragona will have to help prepare our baptism. We´ll get back Friday and still have quite a bit to prepare. It will be interesting. But I am excited to go to Zaragoza. I love seeing new areas in the mission!

Well we have to go catch the train soon. Sorry for the super short letter!

¡Hasta luego!

Elder Buchkovich

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