Monday, July 18, 2011



Not too much exciting happened this week. Just a normal week in the mission field. Oh wait....we were talking to the ayudantes the other day and Elder Allphin told me great news from Tarragona! Natalie and her brother Luis have baptismal fechas!!!! We were working so hard with Natalie and her dad Manual. Luis sat in on a few visits. I am so excited that they have fechas!!! This means that Natalie has already read half the Book of Mormon. And from what Elder Allphin said, Manual will set a fecha soon. I am so excited. They are such a great, humble Ecuatorian family!

We are working hard here. We have a fecha with a girl named Maria José. She is the cousin of a member family. She wants to get baptized on the 31st of July, but her mom is not too happy about it. So, we have lots of work ahead of us. however we are also teaching her sister and she is progressing a lot too. It won´t be long before the mom softens her heart.

I gave a talk during sacrament meeting yesterday. It was a train wreck. I really do HATE public speaking. My mind always gets all jumbled up. In English I can usually manage to get through making at least a little sense. But in a different language....oh man. And I ran out of time super quickly. I only got to give about a third of my talk!

The ward council gave us a list of menos activos to pass by. Wednesday morning we decided to pass by the houses of these menos activos. Before leaving, we looked up the addresses in the ward directory. Elder Manotas read them out loud and I wrote them down in my planner. We passed by what we thought was the piso of one of these menos activos, only to find out he does not live there. So we tried the piso below. And, the lady who answered the door was very interested. She invited us back to visit her and meet the four other people she lives with! We later realized that when Elder Manotas read me the address I did not hear the building number. Thus instead of going to C/Bonestar 66, 10, 2, we went to C/Bonestar 10, 2. It´s amazing how the Lord leads us to the elect!

Well I suppose that is all for this week. ¡Hasa luego!

Elder Buchkovich

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