Monday, July 2, 2012

Snow in Valencia

Well the past few days it has been "snowing" ash in Valencia. There is a forest fire about 30-45 minutes outside of Valencia. You can even smell it here! (I do miss the smell of campfires) Sadly the fire is where we were just last weekend for the service project. All the members are really worried because is beautiful out there. It rained a little yesterday so I think that helped. Several of the members bore testimony during sacrament that they were praying for rain early Sunday morning and later in the morning it rained! I just love it when God answers prayers!
This week we witnessed a milagrazo! Alejandro is an old investigator who had a fecha bautismal. However due to work, he disappeared before he could get baptized. On Tuesday we had a visit planned fairly far from the capilla with another investigator. That visit, however, was cancelled just as we started walking towards it. Thus, we decided to pass by some other people near the capilla. Conveniently a recent convert called us to drop off food for us at the capilla. So, we decided to go to the capilla to meet him there. We arrived first, and as we waited we noticed a man come and sit on the bench outside the capilla (nothing too abnormal). Right after the man arrived, our recent convert came with the food. The man stopped him and started to talk to him. We immediately jumped up and ran out the capilla to talk to this man too. This man was Alejandro. He just returned to Valencia and felt like he should go to the capilla. We had a visit with him right then and set a new fecha with him! It is no coincidence that our visit fallar-ed and we were at the capilla when we were. God put us at the right spot at the right time so that He could lead His son, Alejandro, to us.
Maye, who was baptized several months ago, invited us over for an eating visit. She also invited her sister´s family, who are not members. Right before the visit our "third man" was called in to work. Thus we did not have a man to be able to enter. So they invited two men from the street to come eat. As it turns out the one man has a brother who is a member. And he is interested in hearing more about the church. It was really fun, though, eating with two complete strangers. That truly was one of those "only in the mission" moments. haha!
¡Hasta luego!
Elder Buchkovich

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