Monday, August 30, 2010

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Buenos dias! Well, I guess it's not morning there anymore. How are things? The MTC is great! Although being in Provo for the start of the semester is going to be hard, esp. when the first home football game rolls around! This week has been filled with spiritual enrichment!

On Tuesday the devotional speaker was Elder Jeffrey R. Holland. How's that for a first MTC devotional? haha. He as usual gave a power talk that was very motivational. It was super similar to his "Don't you dare go home" talk. But nonetheless it was really good. I was going to share a few points that I liked the best, but I left my notes in the classroom. The main thing I got out of his talk was that as a missionary I am needed in the work and that I should have no regrets when I get home. I just got back from the temple. I LOVE being able to go the temple every week. It is so uplifting to be able to go and receive answers and comfort to my problems in the House of the Lord.

The Spanish is still progressing. Although we're learning so much that it's hard to compute it all. Thus I feel like I'm not learning anything. But I know I am. My French background is still providing difficulties, but there a TON of French-Spanish cognates that make like a lot easier. One of our teachers had to leave us this week. Both he and the other teachers have morning classes at BYU so they couldn't fit our MTC schedule. I really liked the one that has to leave. But it's probably better off because he reminded me a lot of a typical BYU student and really made me miss the Y.

I found out on Thursday that I won't be heading to Madrid on the 7th anymore. My departure time is to be decided. PLEASE PRAY FOR MY VISA! Some elders in my zone just left for the Madrid mission. They were supposed to go to the MTC there too but their visas didnt come until last week. They had been here 8 weeks already so they get to go to the field a week early. I cannot wait to get to the mission field.

Yesterday during lunch I sat by an elder from Barcelona! He's headed to the Ogden mission. He told me Barcelona is the most beautiful city in Europe. It made me super excited! But also a little nervous because I could barely understand him in am i going to understand him in Spanish?!?

About the retainer....turns out I do have it! I don't know how I managed to go 2 weeks without seeing it in my toiletry bag. But yesterday I found out. Boy were my teeth sore this morning, wearing it for the first time in weeks.

Every Sunday evening we get to watch church videos. Yesterday we did a companion exchange. Elder Weaver and I went and watched the First Vision and Kirtland movies. I always feel so proud to be from the Kirtland area when I watch that movie!

Well that's all for now. I still have 10 minutes of email time. So I may send another one later if I think of anything more I want to add.

Elder Buchkovich

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  1. OH!!!! an "A HA" moment with Elder Holland...fabuloso!!!