Monday, May 14, 2012


It has been an interesting week. We continue to work hard! We had a zone enfoque in Bilbao (zone wide district meeting lead by the zone leaders). For the second have of the meeting the zone leaders called 4 of us "old" missionaries to the front. We had a question and answer session with the rest of the zone. It was fun sharing advice with younger missionaries, but I really wish people would stop reminding me that I am going home soon. I still have lots of time!

We also did an intercambio. It was fun! I went up to Vitoria. I served in a trio with Elder Rhead and Elder Archibald. Elder Poinar went to burgos with Elder Shiflet. We had a great time in Vitoria. Elder Shiflet suffered a bit. Elder Poinar is quite interesting to put it nicely. He managed to offend ALL of our recent converts and quite a few members. They were all super excited when I got back. I can´t go into much detail. I don´t have time.

I bore my testimony on Sunday. I mentioned my dear mother. I will write in in the next email....if i remember.

One miracle this week came from a recent convert. Isabel has a really strong testimony; however, due to work, she has not been able to come to church over the past few weeks. With some encouragement from us and her visiting teachers, Isabel finally worked up the courage to ask her boss for Sundays free. And he agreed! It is a miracle alone that her boss so willingly let her have Sunday free without any problem. But it does not end there. Isabel was so excited to come back to church that she invited her boyfriend to come. He came and loved it! He participated in classes and afterwards Isabel, while smiling, told us that he was really excited about church. I love recent converts! They bring so many people to the Gospel!!

¡Hasta luego!


Elder Buchkovich

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