Monday, April 30, 2012

Only ten more to go!


Nancy was baptized this weekend! It was an interesting service. During the visits Nancy always talked about her dog. One morning I jokingly mentioned to Elder Shiflet that she was probably going to want to bring her dog. That statement proved to be prophetic. That same day she asked us if she could bring her dog to her baptism. The branch president was with us in the visit and he agreed to allow it only if someone was holding it at all times. The dog behaved well during the service, but before and after the service it ran around the capilla wreaking havoc with the primary kids. My rule of not baptizing seems to not work anymore. We could not convince Nancy to let a member baptize her. But I do not really mind. I am now only 10 baptisms away from my mission goal!!

We still do not know how Nancy´s phone called us in the middle of the night! The Gospel has really blessed her life. Before she started meeting with us she could not sleep well due to nightmares. However since she starting meeting with us, she has been sleeping really well at night. Her life is a lot more peaceful.

My miracle story this week comes from contacting. Recently we have been trying to place a stronger emphasis on contacting. We are always running from visit to visit; thus sometimes we forget the Lord´s counsel in Doctrine and Covenants to not travel swiftly while people all around perish. Therefore we have been trying harder to contact. We have seen several miracles from this. Although most of our contacts have rejected us, God has greatly blessed us for our finding efforts. We met two wonderfully golden families during a visit with one of our baptismal fechas. Then on Saturday one the members showed up with his friend from work, who is already reading the Book of Mormon! To top the week off, Jackson came to church. Jackson is a menos activo we contacted two weeks ago. He was literally the only person on the street. He came to church with his two young daughters, one of which is 12 and unbaptized. She really enjoyed the Young Women´s class and wants to come back! Although contacting is not the most effective finding technique, God always blesses us for our efforts!

¡Hasta luego!


Elder Buchkovich

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