Monday, August 6, 2012

The Power of a Testimony

Well this past week was fairly normal. Nothing out of the ordinary happened. Last night we ate dinner at Maria´s house. Whenever I go there we always talk about stories that happened at the beginning of my mission with Elder Lara, Elder Ames, and Elder Shields. It is always a lot of fun.
I heard about the whole Chik Fil A thing. I am a little confused. What does chicken have to do with gay rights? I do not understand why a boycott/picketing was necessary. Was the freedom of speech repealed while I´ve been here? They should also boycot Chik Fil A for not being open on Sundays. After all, it is ofensive to people who get hungry on Sundays. This Sunday we will boycott them. Nobody go there. Who´s with me? Well I am suddenly hungry for some chicken.....
This week we met Lucelly, a nice Colombian lady. We found her passing by an old investigator who no longer lives there. She recently was baptized in an evangelical church, thus when we presented The Book of Mormon her face turned into one of concern. However after hearing our testimonies and the testimony of our member, her heart softened, and she agreed to read and have another visit. Small, simple testimonies can have a powerful effect on a person´s heart.
Well that is all for this week.
¡Hasta luego!
Elder Buchkovich
ps. Next Monday is your last chance to ask for something from Spain. If not, all you get is bunch of missionary stories, which I will gladly share.

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