Monday, September 10, 2012

Well that's all folks!

Well I am not sure what my schedule will be next Monday. I will be in Barcelona for my exit interview, thus I will be probably try to spend as much time as possible visiting people in Cornell√° and Granollers. And seeing as I will be home 3 days later, I am not sure if I will write. We´ll see. But just in case, I will make this my closing letter.
There is not much to say. It is impossible to express how I feel. As the overused phrase states, "It´s the best 2 years!" I love this work. I love my Heavenly Father. I love my Savior, Jesus Christ. I love His Gospel. I do not want to go home, but there is a time and a season for everything. I just have to trust in the Lord and all will be well. I want to thank you for you love and support, for the letters to me, and for reading my letters.
On Sunday we saw a wonderful milagro. We recently met a menos activa woman, Teresa. She was excited to see us, but nervous to come back to church. She made excuses the first few Sundays about not coming. However she had a change of heart and decided that this Sunday she would go. Has he usually does in situations like this Satan tried attacking. The lady with whom Teresa works called her all Sunday morning to ask her to work that day. However, that morning Teresa´s phone was not working. By the time it started working again, it was too late for Teresa to go in to work. Thus she was free to come to church. And she did! She brought her cousin and 15 year-old son, who are not members. Her son absolutely loved church. As he left, he told us that he would never miss a Sunday and that the next week he would come in a white shirt. It is no coincidence that Teresa´s phone did not work Sunday morning!
Yesterday we went to an Evangelical church. It was quite the experience!! Ask me about it later.

Well as lovely as it is to keep writing, there is work to be done! Souls to be saved! See you soon, but until then I will be working hard!!
¡Hasta pronto!
Elder Buchkovich

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