Thursday, May 5, 2011

Conferencia de la Estaca de Hospitalet


This week was stake conference. The stake center is in Hospitalet, which is the last metro stop south in Barç. The ward filled up two buses to make the 1 or so long trip up to barc. This was a miracle in itself. The Bishop was so pleased that they had to get a second bus. We got to ride up with the ward in one of the buses. it was really good because we got to talk to members and build up our relationship with them. I realized on the way there that no matter where you are in the world, members are exactly the same! You have the same stereotypes of different groups of members. And everyone always ends up singing hymns to pass time! haha. The bus ride was beautiful! Many times the coast was in view from the highway. You looked out one direction at sea and the other direction at mountains covered in trees. Absolutely beautiful. Right outside of Barç there is this really cool cemetary. The cemetaries here are buildings. And this particular one covered and entire hillside!

Conference was amazing! The speakers were all really good. First the stake president gave a moving talk about Joseph Smith. Then three returned Spanish sister missionaries shared their testimonies. Israel from Lleida who is about to serve in San Francisco also bore his testimony. After the intermediate hymn, two general authorities from the Area Presidency spoke. I don´t remember the name of one of them. Elder Caussé (or something like that) spoke last. He is French. He spoke in English, pausing after every other sentence for someone to translate into Spanish. I actually found myself listening more the Spanish than the English. The choir sang really beautfully too.

I got to see a lot of members from Lleida! It was really fun. They were all excited to see me. It made me feel loved! I hadn´t had a chance to get a picture with Mario, the ward mission leader, before leaving. I was finally able to take a picture with him.

The conference was not held in our stake center. It was held in the new Barcelona stake center. The new stake center opened just recently in January. It is the most expensive stake center in Europe! ¡Es super guay! You walk in and your jaw just drops! There are three floors. And a hardwood basketball court! It´s hard to explain. I didn´t take many pictures because I was too distracted talking to people. But some of the other elders did. I will get the pictures from them. Apparently the elders in Barç get quite a few new references each week from people stopping by to see what that beautiful building is.

Well that´s all exciting that really happened this week. We are really excited for the near future in Tarragona. Everyone we are teaching is a member reference. Thus, there is a lot of potential! This is the way missionary work is supposed to happen- member references!

¡Hasta luego!

Elder Buchkovich

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