Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Death and a Birth(missionary jargon)


It was really sad to see Elder Hansen leave. He was such a great missionary! We worked really hard as a companionship. We had the trust of the members and we had a lot of success. I hope I can keep it all going. He was also the best district leader I have had so far. I learned so much from him! Well I am going to stop talking about him before I get too sad. It was really weird seeing a missionary "die" (go home). Usually at transfers you know there is a good chance of seeing your old companion again at zone meetings, in the mission office, etc. But with Elder Hansen, I won´t see him anymore during the mission. It´s super sad.

Yesterday, Elder Allphin left with Elder Hansen to Barcelona. Elder Hansen was obviously going to Barç because he is going home. Elder Allphin went with him because early this morning he had a meeting on how to train new elders. Yep, Elder Allphin is going to train this transfer. And his companion, Elder Greep, is now my companion! We are very excited! Elder Greep and I came in together! This means no more being junior companion! (we are listed as "special assignment). So as a recap...the changes in Tarragona are as follows: Elder Hansen´s new area is South Jordan, UT, and his new companion....well he´s going to start looking for her this week ; ]. Elder Allphin is staying in Tarragona B with a new elder. (we still don´t know anything about the new elder). And Elder Greep and I are working in Tarragona A (my area before). Elder Greep and I have a lot work ahead of us, but we plan on continuing Elder Hansen´s success here!

This week we finally set a fecha bautismal con Yessi. She is really excited to get baptized, but is worried about how her family feels about it. When she told them, they were not too pleased at all. Since she is 18, she can get baptized without her parents´ approval, but we still want them to be okay with it. We told her to keep praying. To pray about the truth of our message, to pray for strength and courage in talking to her family, and to pray for her family to accept her baptism. The next day we got a text from Yessi. She was super excited because she had gained the approval of her mom to get baptized. The Lord answers our prayers! I know that slowly the Lord with soften the hearts of the rest of Yessi´s family.

Well I took forever writing President Hinckley this week, so I don´t have much time. That is all I will write for today.

¡Hasta luego!

Elder Buchkovich

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