Monday, June 20, 2011

Sad Dream


Well how about some good news to start! We finally had the miracle that we have been praying for! Yessi has been very upset over the lack of support her sister has been giving her. Yessi has been making several big changes in her life and is quite prepared for baptism. However her sister has refused to give her support. Yesterday, we finally received a text from Yessi saying that her sister is finally okay with her baptism. When we asked Yessi what happened to change her sister´s mind, she said, "I don´t know. She just changed. It must be all the changes I´m making." We know what happened. The Lord answered Yessi´s prayers by touching and softening the heart of her sister. Yessi will finally be baptized this weekend without any further obstacles!

Next week is transfers again....already! I really cannot believe how quickly the time is passing. I just do not know where it all goes. Time flies when you are working hard....and having fun doing the hard work!

I had an interesting dream this week. It was the end of my mission. In the dream it was normal for the mission office to do a big presentation/ceremony for the elders going home. Anyway all of us elders going home arrived together in a bus and all the parents were waiting for us outside. From the moment I got off the bus all the way through the entire ceremony I was crying because I didn´t want my mission to be over. I am not even halfway through my mission yet and I am already afraid of going home! Luckily for me I don´t have much time to think about that. And I still have plenty of time to enjoy bring souls unto salvation!!!

I think that is all for this week!

¡Hasta luego!

Elder Buchkovich

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