Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bring on the Heat


Whoa it is hot!!!! 30 degrees celsius with lots of humidy is not fun proselyting weather! Summer has arrived! With has come lots of work. We have so many great investigators!

Yessi was not baptized this weekend. She did not want to be baptized without the approval of all of her family. We had several spiritual visits with her mom present, so she gained the approval of her mother and subsequently her father. Her brothers are indifferent about religious matters and didn´t care. Thus the only one who didn´t approve of her baptism was her sister. Thus she did not get baptised in fear of upsetting her sister. Elder Greep and I are not too concerned. After a visit or two with her sister, we believe that the Lord will soften her sister´s heart and she will get baptized.

Natalie is our most progressing investigator. She has come two church 3 times with a menos activo family! She attended mutual this week for the first time and LOVES going to young women´s activities. We are also teaching her dad and brother who aren´t progressing as quickly. Todavia they are great people. In our last visit with her dad, we asked him to give the closing prayer. He struggled to through a simple heartfelt prayer. This was odd because I have heard him pray before. At the end of his prayer in the most sincere humility he asked us to help him learn to pray better so that he can pray with his family.

We also have Fatima. She is the niece of one of our eternigators (eternal investigators), Lucho (through a previous marriage). Lucho is married to one of our strongest members in the ward and his daughter, Milagros, is one of the other strongest members in the ward. Thus, Fatima is indirectly related to two of the strongest members of our ward. Fatima is really interested in learning more about our message. She has already been to the Work and the Glory movie night and a baptism.

Ramiro has been really hard to get a visit with due to his work schedule. He genuinely wants to learn more about his relationship with God. We taught him the Restoration in our last visit and the entire time he asked us questions and took notes on scripture references.

We have so many more great people! But I don´t have much time. This was a good week. I really felt the Lord working through me. It is an indescribably great feeling!

¡Hasta luego!

Elder Buchkovich

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