Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Another Daughter of God Baptized


The baptism of Lucíana went really well. It was quite beautiful. I am so excited for her. She is such a great little girl!

Many of our efforts with the members failed this week. For example, we only had 4 entries in our concurso de empanadas. A total of 6 or so members came. However one important thing happened. On Sunday the obispo pulled us aside and asked to talk to us in his office. He then proceded to give us counsel on what we could do. They were all ideas that we are already trying. As easy as it would have been to be defensive and point out that we were already doing all of that. We felt it was important to just listen and gratefully accept his counsel. Since that moment, the obispo as been a lot friendlier than normal with us. I feel like we are developing a good relationship with him.

We found a miracle family this week! We found the father in our area book. He seemed promising so we passsed by and set up a visit. In the visit he invited his family to join. All 5 of his children came in and sat intentively on the couch, excited to meet us. Even his wife, who according to the registro did not have much interest before, gladly listened to our message. The best part is that they already know many members and named off several people who we are going to call to help in future visits.

Who else just loves the October Liahona/Ensign?!?! It bears such a great testimony of the Book of Mormon!

That´s all for this week!

¡Hasta luego!

Elder Buchkovich

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