Monday, October 3, 2011

¡La Conferencia General!


How fortunate are we to have the opportunity to be counselled and guided by prophets and apostles of God! I just love General Conference. I feel like each conference is better and better. I received so many answers during conference. Isn´t it wonderful!? We are all children of our God. Each and every one of us is precious in his sight. As his children it is our right and privelege to receive direction from Him. By listening or reading the words of the Conference we can receive specific answers to specific questions. I know this true. I know it is true through experience. For God, time after time, answers my questions through His Holy Spirit and holy prophets. It is just so wonderful!!!!

This week we found Saul. Saul rents out a room in the piso of an antiguo investigator. On Sunday we passed by a list of antiguo investigators. We set up a visit with the son of this particular antiguo. However when we came back for the visit on Tuesday, the son nor the mother were home. But, Saul was home. He walked over the capilla with us and we had a lesson. We talked about baptism and the Spirit was super strong. We had another visit the next day. During the second visit Saul agreed to a baptismal fecha for the 22 Octubre! He is so great! He is from the Republica Dominicana. He has a true desire to learn the truth and is super humble.

This week will mark one year in Spain for me. I will be able to say that I have not stood on American soil in over a year. When I teach in English I speak like an African. Daily I develop new Spanish habits. And I LOVE South American food. However, I am still AMERICAN through and through. Elder Ellis received a package with Morman Tabernacle Choir cd´s. One of those cd´s has Patriotic songs like God Bless America. (Side note, Elder Ellis is half American. and quite patriotic for the US). I greatly enjoyed hearing songs about the United States!

As I write this letter I am listening to the final session of General Conference. I am also uploading all of my pictures onto my flashdrive. Thus, in the weeks to come it will be quite easy for me to send pictures home!

Well that is all for this week!

¡Hasta luego!

Elder Buchkovich

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