Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Priesthood Blessings


We have quite the busy week planned for this week! This Friday is the baptism of Lucíana. Then Saturday morning we are starting english classes. Saturday evening we are hosting a concurso de empanadas (empanada cook-off) for the ward. Then on Sunday (thanks to me volunteering) Elder Ellis and I are giving talks in sacrament meeting. The ward has not been helping us much, nor been giving us references. Thus this week were are really trying to build a relationship with them and earn their trust. It will be an important week!

As a mission were are nearing our year goal of 450 baptisms. Everyone is really excited! We had a great Zone Enfoque (a zone wide district meeting). President stopped by at the end and had me share the story of Juan Carlos from Cornellá to motivate them about the power of prayer.

This week I had to give several blessings of health. Being shy ole me, I do not really enjoy giving blessings, nor making promises in these blessings. But, I guess my faith in the priesthood is growing because this week I felt a lot more confident about the words coming out of my mouth. I know that these blessings came from the Holy Ghost. In fact during one of the blessing I tried to ignore a promise that came to mind, but it kept coming back until I finally said it.
One of the blessings I gave was to Yaneya who has lupus. She was in the hospital all last week. Today they received the results of several tests and she is doing great. Next week she can even return to school!

We can only meet with Rolando, one of our fechas, in the mornings. We knew it was super important to get a member to the visits with us, however we could never find someone who could help us in the morning. So finally we turned to Heavenly Father in a prayer during weekly planning. We asked him to help us find a member who could help. After the prayer no names came to either of our minds. But, I felt prompted to read the ward directory. The first name that popped out to me was "Miguel." We gave this Miguel a call and he gladly agreed to help us!

That´s all for this week!

¡Hasta luego!

Elder Buchkovich

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