Saturday, November 19, 2011

Halloween Baby


I am so excited! One of the part member families we are working with (Greicy and Alberto) had a baby this week!!! The new baby was born yesterday evening on Halloween!!! How fun!!!! They are a great Bolivian family!

Well speaking of births.....there will be another birth in Granollers tomorrow....well in missionary jargon. Today is transfers. Sadly my dear friend and companion from north of the border, Elder Ellis, is leaving me after only one transfer. He is heading to Zaragoza to reopen an area with my other friend and former companion, Elder Plaskett! And I will be a "dad"!! Yep, I am going to train. I am super nervous and excited at the same time. I will pick up my "son" tomorrow in a new missionary conference. There is a pretty good chance that he will be a nativo. That would be even more exciting! I love Spaniards/south americans!

Whenever new elders enter the mission field there are always a ton of miracles. My new companion isn´t even here yet and the miracles are already starting. Last night a man stopped us on the street and asked us to help him. He took us to his piso and broke down crying. He girlfriend and daughter had just left him. He wants to change his life so that his family will come back, and he recognizes that God is the best way to do so. We have a visit set up with him for Wednesday. I have no doubt that the Gospel of Jesus Christ can help this man change is bad habits and be a loving husband (after he gets married) and father.

Well we are going to go visit Greicy in the hospital so that Elder Ellis can say goodbye. Have a great week!

¡Hasta luego!

Elder Buchkovich

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