Saturday, November 19, 2011

South American Remedy


Well last Monday i woke up with a sty. I just love those!! (sarcasm). Anyway, Martín, a member from Paraguay gave me some advice on how to get rid of it quickly. He told me that in the morning when I go pee all i have to do is wet my finger with the pee and rub it on the sty. I figured I had nothing to lose so I tried it. Three days after i first got the sty, it was gone! (that is rather quick for my sties.) I am not sure if it was the pee or the medicine i was using. But something worked. haha!

The conversion story of Edwin is quite wonderful. Elder Ellis and I decided to start teaching English class soon after I arrived in Granollers. A few days before the first class, a man (Edwin) stopped us on the street to ask us if we were starting English classes soon. We happily informed him that yes we were starting that very week. Edwin came to class a half an hour late but stayed for the spiritual thought afterwards. Elder Ellis noted that Edwin seemed really interested during the spiritual thought. During the week between classes, we saw Edwin almost everyday in differing, random parts of the city. We took this as a sign that we needed to start teaching him. Thus, we decided to talk to him after the next class about learning the gospel. However, Edwin did not come to class. So we called him to tell him that we missed him in class. And, we ended up setting up a visit for the next week before English class. We were a little disappointed that we would have to wait a week to start teaching him. However much to our surprise, he called us the next morning (Sunday) to ask about church. This particular week was Stake Conference, but fortunately there was extra space for him in a members´ car. We invited him to come with us that very day to Stake Conference. And he accepted! And it so happened that the members who took Edwin are also from Venezuela. Thus, they instantly become friends with him. Later that night we visited with Edwin in the house of another member. Edwin accepted to be baptized in that first visit. And from that day he began progressing rapidly, accepting everything we taught him with ease. Three weeks after Stake Conference, Edwin was baptized by that same member who drove him there. After that first class Edwin never did come back to English class. But, from half hour of English, he found something so much greater, the restored gospel!

¡Hasta luego!

Elder Buchkovich

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