Monday, September 13, 2010

Another week gone by!

Buenos dias!

Another week gone by! boy is the time going quickly! almost half way done with the MTC!! still no news about my visa. another elder from a different zone who got here the same week as me got his visa and is leaving for madrid. i think i've talked to him before and his fbi clearance got done a lot quicker than mine. my district leader said he had a dream last night about me getting my visa this week. we joke around about it being revelation.

In a week from wednesday we teach our first lesson in Spanish. thus, we've already started practicing. it is really hard, but it keeps the lesson simple. and our unity teaching as a companionship is a lot better when we can't go on on in english.

yesterday my district sang a special musical number in sacrament meeting. let's just say there was nothing special about it. my district isn't very musically talented. and on top of that we all choked and sang super quietly. some of the other elders were laughing during our song. oh well. what we did was really cool. we did a three part harmony (in spanish of course) with "nearer my god to thee" and "i need thee every hour." We made the songs into a medley singing the first verse of nearer my god to thee first then the first verse of i need the every hour. we did this for the first two verses.

yesterday was a hard day for the elders in my district to keep focus. one of the branch presidency members brought his daughter and her friend to sacrament meeting. both were very beautiful daughters of god. the presidency laughed (they really did) up on the stand as each elder in the zone noticed the two girls. my companions blessed the sacrament. i watched their eyes continually wander towards the girls. it was hilarious. then at the temple walk we saw numerous pretty girls walking on the grounds. no bueno!

i went to the temple this morning. i missed it last week. it is just so peaceful there!

i really love being a missionary! when you live the gospel and are constantly studying it, you are just happier. my entire life i've always kind of kept church for sundays. and left it out of my "wordly" life. but i realized that being a true disciple and follower of Christ means continually living in His gospel in a way that would make him proud. i've been reading a LOT in the new testament and Jesus the Christ about our Savior. i've never felt so close to him. even when I'm home i want to devote my life to serving him and bringing others to Him. i wish i had realized the greatness in having a close relationship to the Lord a lot earlier in my life. I am so grateful for His Atonement and the opportunity I have to serve a mission.

i love and miss you all!

elder buchkovich

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