Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Semana 3


Not much happened this week except class and studies. We tried an English fast on Friday. It was a very quiet day in my district. lol. Actually it wasn't that bad. We're doing it again tomorrow. And by the end of the week our teachers are switching completely to Spanish and we'll have to speak Spanish in class. Speaking of teachers, we get a new teacher again tonight. Hermana Redd is starting to do speech therapy for her speech therapy masters program, so she can longer fit in working at the MTC. Our new teacher is Hermano Peterson.

I learned a lesson on humility this week. Remember last week how I almost scored in soccer every game? Well I spent so much time last week focusing on scoring for myself that I wasn't really contributing to my team. So this week the Lord humbled me. I didn't score at all! In fact times when I should have shot the ball I was overcome with and urge to pass it, and thus I did so. Being a missionary, I'm going to liken this unto the Gospel. As a missionary I cannot focus on getting baptisms just for my own glory. I need to work as a team with my fellow missionaries, the ward members, and the Lord in bringing others to salvation. If I focus on myself, I will not have a truly successful mission.

I also learned about sacrifice this weekend. Saturday was the first BYU home football game. My plan was to stay inside and study so that I wouldn't be distracted. Well, it would be my luck that I had gym during the game and could here every single cheer! I could even smell the food!! I realized that in my entire life I am NEVER missed a season of college football. I probably haven't even gone a autumn Saturday without watching part of at least one game! I also realized that I really didn't care that I'd be missing two years of football. The Lord's work is much better. Then on Sunday the MTC President spoke. He mentioned the sacrifices some foreign missionaries made to be here. It really put into perspective how lucky I am. How little I had to "sacrifice." I am so grateful for the blessings in my life.

Now for some humor. I keep foregetting to mention a joke the MTC president told on our first day here during orientation. He was doing a survey of where everyone was from. He asked all the missionaries from Utah to stand. An army stood up. He then said, "Stay humble. After all Utah was God's fifth choice for Zion in the Latter-days!" Also some missionary slang that I love: "missionary goggles"- the phrase used to describe that fact that any girl looks beautiful to Elders. "I'd baptise her!" - used when you see a very good looking girl.

I guess that's all for now. I might write more later. Adios!

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