Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Answer to Prayer


Bueno pues, the website where we write our weekly reports to Presidente isn´t working, thus I actually have time to write today. The only problem is....I´m not used to having time to actually sit and think. Well this past semana...We have continued working super hard. We took some time of Preparation Day again today to visit Pedro and Rolando. Elder Parry came with me to do the baptismal interview. They are going to be baptized mañana. A Tuesday baptism is a little strange, but they are too busy with chess tournaments on Saturday. Pedro and Rolando are really great. Pedro went to a JAS (young single adults) dance on Friday and really enjoyed it. He fit in quite well. Then this Saturday Germán is getting baptised. We taught him all the lessons, but he lives in another ward in the area of the Hermanas. So he´s technically not "our" baptism. But we are still really excited for him. Stacey (a woman from Nigeria) and Rossy (the 11 year old daughter of a menos activa) might get baptized this weekend. But it´s more likely that they´ll be baptized in one or two semanas.

This is probably my last week with Elder Manotas. Can you believe it´s already time for transfers again!?!?!

Bueno a miracle story. Well as if I wansn´t already convinced that God answers my prayers, he gave me another reason to believe it this week. There is a recent convert here from Nigeria. His name is Kachi. He does not really understand much about the Church or the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I have been trying my best to help him. But I´ve had little success. Thus I´ve been praying for help. Well this week, his friend Godwin moved here. Godwin is a super strong member who originally introduced Kachi to the church in Mallorca. Plus Africans understand other Africans better. So Godwin will help a ton. Godwin was supposed to move to Holland but he missed his flight. So he has to stay here. I know Godwin is the help I´ve been praying for. it´s no coincidence that Godwin missed his flight. God wants to all His children to grow in their testimonies and will do whatever it takes to help them understand His Gospel.

¡Hasta luego!

Elder Buchkovich

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