Monday, September 26, 2011



Well Cornellá spoiled me!!!!! Wow it is different here. We have to work super hard. Well actually the truth is that Granollers is a great area. It is a lot like Tarragona. So it is fairly successful. The only problem is that Cornellá was SUPER successful and so now I am not satisfied with anything less. It is ok though. Because now I have a lot of motivation to work hard here to have the same success as Cornellá.

In fact, somehow, sometime, I really don´t know how or when, I won the confidence of President (more accurately, God, seeing as transfers are done through inspiration/revelation) as an area builder/saver. On Tuesday I had the opportunity to talk to Elder Allphin (my ayudante friend). The first thing he said to me was, "I could not believe you got moved AGAIN! But I was there and it was complete revelation. You are really needed in Granollers...." And then he began to list a bunch of things that President is expecting me to do here. One of the things is to really help my companion, Elder Ellis grow into a missionary. Then on Thursday I received a call from the zone leaders telling me the exact same things.

We´ve already gotten to work. Friday was a day of miracles for us. Thursday our zone leaders called us and gave us the advice to talk about baptism with every investigator. We decided to listen to our zone leaders and put their counsel to test. By listening to our leaders, we saw miracles on Friday as we set 4 new fechas bautismales!

I really do love it already in Granollers. Why? Because there are a ton of Bolivians! From the start of my mission, since Sergio´s baptism, I have just loved Bolivians. Their food is amazing and they are super nice. Some of my best friends here in Spain are Bolivians. I have already met so many great Bolivian families in Granollers! I am so excited.

Another exciting thing....Elder Greep is in my district here. He stayed in Tarragona for two more transfers and is now is Mataro. It is really exciting because we are super close. And now I can hear about everyone in Tarragona.

All the facebook birthday wishes were finally forwarded to me. Thanks to everyone who wished me happy birthday. (Y a mis amigos en españa, ¡Muchas gracías!)

I suppose that is all for today.

¡Hasta luego!

Elder Buchkovich

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