Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Two More Baptisms


Well this month is already a little less interesting. Bishop H. David Burton (General Bishop of the Church) was supposed to come for a special mission conference. But he cancelled. However we are already off to a great start in Septiembre. Francisca and Paul were both baptized this weekend. Francisca is from Paraguay. She is the cousin of a member, Maura. And Paul is from Peru. He was about to baptized there, but then moved to Spain. Here he found the church and showed up one Sunday. Two weeks later he got baptized! We have 3 fechas set for 17 Septiembre. Also Pedro and Rolando, the professional chess playing Cubans, will be baptized during the week next week! We are super animated for this month!

I have learned so much from the Lord this past week. However I lack time. Thus I won´t explain. Just remember to always find yourself on the Lord´s side, even in the small things.

Miracle story: Two weeks ago a lady from Nigeria contacted us on the street. She told us that she was really busy but she wanted to show us where she lived. There was no man home so we set up another time to visit. When we returned she was not there. Well it turns out that she had taken us to her friend´s house. Her friend, Stacey, informed us that she (the original lady) is not fully healthy in the mind. We have not seen the original African lady again. However we started teaching Stacey, the friend. We gave her a tour of the capilla this week. And when we showed her the baptismal font, she told us that she would like us to baptize her. She told us the same again when she came to our baptism on Saturday. She speaks Spanish well and to her own excitement has already made several new friends in the ward!

¡Hasta luego!

Elder Buchkovich

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