Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving


This week was a pretty average, normal week for a missionary. I can not think of anything interesting to report. I am really sick of rain. haha. Elder González is amazing and learning quite rapidly. We have been working really hard with a Bolivian family that I just absolutely love. The kids should finally get baptized soon!

A miracle from this week has been with the members. We have been working fervently to better our relationship with the members. We are finally starting to note differences. For example before we thought that the members did not have any friends because we never met any. But this past week we have met several friends of members. And the members are willing to let us teach them! Also the hombres jovenes are excited to help us in visits. The greatest miracle has been with the Obispo (our relationship with him has been rocky). He seems more excited to see us/talk to us now. Also he used to never invite the missionaries over his house. Now, he keeps inviting us over in the evening. With the new refocus (rule) on eating/visiting with differing members, if he invites us again we are going to have to decline!

Happy Thanksgiving. I am grateful for.....EVERYTHING!! No really I am. Everything I have is a blessing from my Father in Heaven. I am also grateful for milagros. We see so many miracles every day!!

¡Hasta luego!

Elder Buchkovich

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