Monday, March 12, 2012

Milagroso Marzo


Burgos is wonderfully amazing! I miss Granollers a ton. And I miss Catalunya quite a bit. However, Burgos is great too! The only bad thing is that it is still winter here. However it looks like that is going to change this week. It is already quite a bit warmer today.

It is really hard to choose a miracle for this week. There have been so many! On Friday we were in the capilla making phone calls to antiguo investigators when the timbre rang. At the door was a woman who we had never seen before. The first thing she said to us was, "¡Elderes! ¿Cuando empiezan las reuni├│nes aqui?" Her name is Valesca. She is a member from Chile who lives about 30 minutes away. She did not know that there was a capilla here. She does not come to down too often. However this day she happened to be here, walking down the main street, when to her great surprise she not only saw the capilla, but it was opened. She is really excited to return to church and better her relationship with God.

On Sunday another man randomly came to church. He had been contacted by missionaries on a bus several months ago. Also on Sunday we set a baptismal fecha with a Portuguese woman who randomly came to church the week before. She is amazing and super prepared for the Gospel!

On Wednesday when we went to Vitoria for district meeting we ran into a member from Valencia. Veronica was a recent convert when I was there. She remembered me! haha. The great thing is that she just moved to Vitoria and was still searching for the capilla (it´s kind of hard to find there). She was so excited to see us.

It is kind of funny. I have become quite acustomed to say several words/phrases in Catalan. It is really hard for me to drop them. Everyone looks at me really weirdly here when I say things in Catalan. Burgos is actually one of the only areas the mission that doesnt have two languages. In the other areas there is Catalan, Valenciano, Mallorqui, Basque, etc. Here there is only Spanish.

Well I suppose that is all for now.

¡Hasta luego!

Elder Buchkovich

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