Friday, March 2, 2012



It appears that spring has already arrived here in Granollers. I hope I dont jynx anything by saying that. But it has warmed up a bit. The weather is just perfect for missionary work!

Well I went "swimming" for the first time this weekend. In missionary jargon that means I performed the baptism. I have a personal rule about members performing the baptism. However, José insisted that I do the baptism. Everything went well with the baptism. It was really nice. I absolutely love his family and so it was quite wonderful to finally see him be baptized. However it was a little sad too, because his little sister backed out at the last minute.

I just love the conversion story of José. And so I am going to tell it again. (I believe i told two weeks ago).

José is a 14 year old joven. His family came as a reference from his uncle who is a menos activo that works as a chef in a restaurant owned by another menos activa. We have been working with José and his family for several months now. However his momento clave finally came only a few weeks ago. José opened up to us and told us that he was unsure about the existence of God. We invited him to pray with all his heart and then stop to listen to his feelings. We also invited him to a youth activity the following weekend. At the activity we pulled him aside to share a message and follow up on his prayer. His answer was incredible! He told us that after praying he felt full of joy and hapiness. And that he knew without a doubt that God exists. Then he told us that the next step for him was baptism! Yes he told us!! He agreed to be baptized the following weekend. Unfortunately his parents were really sick last weekend, thus he waited another week. Finally he was baptized this weekend! Several hundred years later, God still answers the prayers of 14 year old boys named José! haha

¡Hasta luego!

Elder Buchkovich

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