Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Record attendance in Burgos

This was a great week for Burgos! We did not teach as many lessons as we have been, but we finally reached ALL of the "new" pautas de excelencia!! Also Daniel was baptized. He is a great little kid. I am glad he could finally get baptized. I felt really bad though for his cousin Diego. He did not receive permission from his mother to be baptized. He looked really sad at the baptism and teared up a little bit as Danny left the water.
Sunday was amazing!  The asistencia in Burgos was 73!!!! That is ward-like!! The members are super excited! The only problem. There is no room in the capilla. There were literally people sitting out in the hall because there was no room in the sacrament room. The next few months will be really fun here in Burgos!
Again there were various miracles this week! One miracle resulted from trying something new that I would normally be against doing. The story starts Saturday night at the end of planning. As we ended the closing prayer, my companion felt inspired that José, the friend of a member, could be a possible baptism this weekend. The next day as the passing of the Sacrament ended, we counted only 5 investigators present in Sacrament Meeting. Again one short of the pautas. However, José popped into my mind. He was not at church and needed to come to Sacrament meeting one more time before being baptized. In a split decision we decided to follow President Hinckley´s and Elder Caussé´s counsel to do everything to get people to church, even if it means leaving. Luckily he lives right by the capilla. As we were waiting for him to get ready, we spoke with his mother. It turns out her brothers are active returned missionaries! She also has nephews who served missions. She is super interested in meeting with us. Luckily we got José back in Sacrament on time to listen to the High Counselor speak. Tonight we are going to meet with José to talk about baptism. The miracle is my companion`s inspiration at the end of planning. There are two great blessing from this miracle. First of all we finally met José´s mother. Secondly, we got José to church. Now he can be baptized this weekend!
!Hasta luego!
Elder Buchkovich

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