Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The story begins and ends in Valencia


Well as seems to be the pattern in my mission, my best areas last only
3 months. We were quite shocked by transfer calls this past week. I
spent the entire day travelling. I have returned to Valencia as a zone
leader. It will be the same ward that I started in! I am super
excited! It still has not hit me that I am in VALENCIA again.

It was truly sad leaving Burgos. The members there are amazing and I
love all of converts there. We saw some great miracles in Burgos!!

I cannot fully express how exciting it is to be in Valencia. Maybe
next week I will do a better job. I am so excited to see everyone
again and actually be able to speak with them!

Last miracle story from Burgos:
Two weeks ago we passed by a menos activo´s piso, but he was not home.
While my companion spoke to him on the phone to set up a visit, I
looked across the street and saw two women with whom I felt we should
talk. I immediately turned to my companion and said that we neeed to
cross the street quickly. My companion was quite confused as to what
the rush was but followed me as I ran and crossed the street. We
started to catch up to the two women, but the sidewalk was thin and
due to people walking in the opposite direction, we could not overcome
them to talk to them. Finally at the next street corner, I caught them
and started talking to them. They are the mothers of two Ecuatorian
families that live together. We visited them for the first time this
week. When we arrived, two of their friends were there. It turns out
that these two women invited their friends (another Ecuatorian
family)over just to visit with us. In one visit we started teaching
three new families, all of which were really excited to start reading
the Book of Mormon and find peace in the lives!

¡Hasta luego!

Elder Buchkovich

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