Tuesday, June 26, 2012

La Cueva

It sure is hot! It reached 45 degrees celsius on Thursday!!!! And that does not include humidity!!!!
Saturday we had a really fun experience. The Valencia stake had a stake wide "Manos que ayudan"  (mormon helping hands) service project. We went and performed service for the morning. As a stake we went out to a small pueblo about 45 minutes from valencia to clean up/make repairs around the town. Nearby the pueblo there is a picnic area. Us four elders got chosen to go in a group to clean up trash in the picnic area. Well nearby the picnic area is a giant cave. Everyone was assigned to fill up a trash bag. Everyone stayed near the picnic area picking up trash. But we decided to slowly start venturing towards the cave. On the main path towards the cave we found loads of trash, that we were able to clean up. When we filled up our bag we decided to explore the cave. We found a small pathway that leads towards the cave. We had to weave through trees and bushes, climb up rocks/hills, etc. It felt just like a family hike on vacation. When we arrived at the cave, it was better than we could imagine! Water trickled down the front of the cave into a gorgeous spring of water. It was breathtakingly beautful. We took pictures and enjoyed a few moments of quiet. Then we heard some voices as the rest of the group made their way towards the cave. Everyone was quite surprised to see us their already. All the jovens went swimming. (i was quite jealous!) It was a fun little activity. Then we went back to work picking up trash. Afterwards a stake member who is famous for his paella (the same that made paella for los teixera) made paella for everyone. It was delicious! Service is so much fun.
Miracle: Angels are preparing people and softening their hearts. A few weeks ago we stopped visiting an investigator because she just was not progressing. But this Friday she randomly called us. And Sunday she surprised us by coming to church! She is suddenly a lot more open to the Gospel. Sometimes it is hard to stop teaching people, however when we put our trust in God, he continues preparing them.
¡Hasta luego! 
Elder Buchkovich 

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