Monday, April 9, 2012

Best Weekend of My Life


What is better than General Conference weekend? General Conference weekend + 2 baptisms!! This weekend Felix and Xandra got baptized. It was wonderful! I don´t have time to write about both of them. Here is Felix´s story. Xandra´s story will come next week.

God never forgets his children. Never. The conversion story of Felix is proof of this. God works in mysterious ways to meet the needs of all his children. We have been working with Felix, the husband of a menos activa, for about a month now. Despite having several momentos claves, Felix still had many doubts the Wednesday before his baptism, especially when his parents protested and called him crazy. The visit Wednesday evening started terribly when Felix and his wife began to argue about the baptism. The visit was miraculously saved when their home teachers randomly showed up. This is where the hand of God is manifested. Recently new home teaching companions and assignments were handed out. Hermano Luis in months passed never really took much time to do hometeaching. But this week he felt really impressed to complete his hometeaching for the month with his companion, Hermano Fabian. All day Wednesday he FELT that is was really important to visit Cecilia and Felix. He also strangely felt that the missionaries would be there when he went. Thus hermanos Luis and Fabian decided to visit Felix on Wednesday evening. They arrived just in time to save our visit. Hno Luis began to share is own conversion experience. With the addition of Hno Luis´s and Hno Fabian´s testimonies to our testimonios, Felix´s heart had one more momento clave. That night at 1:00 in the morning Felix randomly woke up his wife just to tell her that he was getting baptized. As he explained it, he "just woke up and knew he needed to be baptized." And so on Saturday Felix was baptized by his hometeacher, Hno. Luis. I am so grateful that the Lord inspired Hno Luis to do his hometeaching. I am even more grateful that Hno. Luis acted on his impressions. It is truly miraculous the change in heart that occured that night, all do to a member´s testimony and willingness to follow the promptings of the Spirit.

I´ll also talk more about conference next week. As usual I loved Elder Holland and Pres. Uchtdorf´s talks. Pres. Monson was inspiring like always.

¡Hasta luego!

Elder Buchkovich

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