Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Visiting Teaching


It has been another great week in Burgos! To cap of the week Burgos saw an attendance of 59 people in church! They are getting quite close to ward numbers!!

The members in Burgos continue to impress me with their dedication to home/visiting teaching. They are working MIRACLES in missionary work, even when we are not there! Everytime we visit Xandra, our recent convert, we always ask her about her cousin. We have been trying to contact her cousin for a while now. This past week Xandra´s visiting teachers visited her to teach one of the new convert lessons (I love that!). And lo and behold, her cousin happened to pass by that day. The visiting teachers invited her to the lesson, and she agreed to listen. They found out that she is meeting with the Testigos, but invited her to meet with us. The members are working so hard here!

President approved one of the pisos were looking at. Thus, the office is currently making arrangements with the landlord. Hopefully soon we will be moving into our new piso!! We did a pretty good job with the piso we found. It is reallynice and really cheap. President was quite excited by how much cheaper it is than our current piso.

Día de Sant Jordi was yesterday. But since we are not in Catalunya, it was not as big as a deal here. There was still "Día del Libro" but it isn´t is as big as Sant Jordi and you have to be selling books to participate. So we just handed out Books of Mormon between visits. It is actually funny how much I have changed from the beginning of my mission. When we first arrived in Spain we used a taxi to go downtown to do paperwork. We were all really afraid to talk to the taxi driver and all i remember saying is "gracias! adios!" as we left the cab. Well yeasterday while helpìng some members move, they called a taxi for us to get to the new piso from the old one. Upon entering the taxi, I immediately started talking to him and before leaving the cab, gave him a Book of Mormon. It was great fun!

¡Hasta luego!


Elder Buchkovich

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