Sunday, January 22, 2012



Great news!!!! Due to "special circumstances" two people were confirmed at their baptism during the week instead of at sacrament meeting on Sunday. Thus, in 2011 the Mission España Barcelona baptized and confirmed 451 children of God!!!! We reached our goal! It was the best year in more than 20 years. When the church was first restored, there was a great amount of success in Europe with missionary work. Many of the early converts were European. The Area Seventy in Europe recently has profesied of a "second harvest" in Europe. That second harvest has already begun in Spain!

We had a nice New Year. Like last year, we recieved permission to stay out until 11 pm. After a normal day and evening of proselyting, we ate dinner with an Ecuatorian family of members. We finished planning and updating the area book just on time to welcome the New Year. This year we celebrated with the eating of 12 grapes. It´s quite fun! After eating the grapes, we went to bed.

Thursday, we arrived, unexpectedly, at the piso of a menos activo on the day that his family was moving. His wife was at work. Therefore, he was struggling to prepare and pack everything alone while at the same time care for his young daughter and baby son. We were able to help him prepare everything before the moving van came. When his nonmember wife (who does not enjoy talking to missionaries) arrived home, she was super grateful, thanking us profusely and even calling us angels. We had no clue that they were moving that day but we were guided by the Lord to assist a struggling father and soften the heart of a non-believing mother.

¡Hasta luego!

Elder Buchkovich

¡Feliç Reis!

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