Sunday, January 22, 2012

What a Wonderful week


What a wonderful week! We had a special conference with Elder Caussé of the Seventy. He is in the area presidency for Europe. It was an amazing conference. I learned so much! I think the most important lesson I learned was about faith. Siempre we need to add to our faith. Towards the beginning of my mission I did not have the faith that I could baptize every month. But then through repentance, I grew and developed the faith to baptize every month. And since June, I have been. I have been quite content with myself, thinking, "I have changed so much. Now, I have the faith to baptize once a month!" But what I learned from Elder Caussé is: it is good that I developed the faith to baptize every month. But it is not enough. I need to continually improve and develop the faith to baptize two, three, four, 300 people a month. This is afterall how we arrive at salvation and perfection, by continually improving each day.

Elder Caussé taught us so much and gave us so many new ideas. He also promised us that in every area of the mission there are at least 300 people ready to listen to the Gospel and be baptized! How great is that!!

I gave another talk on Sunday during Sacrament meeting. I think it went a lot better than my recent past talks.

(Miracle story) There is an antigua investigator, named Julisa, who the missionaries before us were teaching. Although we are not currently teaching her, she always stops us in the street to tell us that she is coming to church on Sunday. Well, she never comes. This past week, we decided to take action. When she told us she was coming, we said, "Oh wonderful! When can we come by to pick you up?" We set up a time to pass by. However when we went to pick her up, she was still sleeping. We honestly did not think she would come. But she did! She came a little late with one of her sons. Afterwards she thanked us greatly for waking her up. Then she asked us for a visit, telling us that this time she is serious and wants to help her two sons get baptized!

¡Hasta luego!

Elder Buchkovich


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