Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Lord Always Provides


Recently I have learned a lot about patience. And also that God really does provide for our needs. I have had several neat experiences but I will share only two. One day Elder Gonz├ílez and I were passing by the pisos of some antiguo investigators. We hadn´t eaten much that day and were quite hungry. We passed a kebab place that looked tasty and it had a great deal for kebabs. We were quite tempted, but decided to keep working. We decided to wait patiently until we returned to piso that night. Well a few minutes later a member called us offering to buy us kebabs and to help us out with visits afterwards!

The second story: About a month ago I noticed that Zara still had some suits on sale. And I have lost so much weight that really my black suit from missionary mall is a bit ridiculously large. It was really tempting to buy a new one. But I thought, "no. i can wait for a cheaper one during rebajas in january. and i need to ask Dad´s advice." So I decided to wait. Well last week we were visiting our convert, Edwin. The boss of one of his roommates was going to throw away a bunch of new Mossimo Dutti (super pijo brand) suits. Thus Edwin´s roommate brought them home instead. And offered me one!! It is still large on me. But because it is the European style, it looks more fitted and less ridiculous. Patience pays off. And the Lord knows our needs. If we are keeping his commandments and living righteously, he ALWAYS provides for us.

The miracle story this week comes from church. In our ward, the ward counsel meets very rarely. Thus we had gotten a little lazy with the informes. Finally last week we got tired of waiting for consejo. For the first time in a while we did an informe with pictures and informative paragraphs about our investigators. During church we handed out the informes to all the leaders. The miracle this week came from the leaders in the ward. Usually we have trouble getting members to talk to investigators, etc. But this week when one of the families from the informe came, the leaders of the ward practically swarmed them in excitement. I am not sure if I have ever seen such a warm welcome from an entire ward. It reminded me that the SMALL things, like better informes, really do make a BIG difference.


¡Hasta luego!

Elder Buchkovich

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