Sunday, January 22, 2012

Dia de Gracias


We celebrated Thanksgiving with Gianmarco. He is the ward mission leader. He is half-American and half-Italian. He loves the United States so much. And we are teaching his mother-in-law. Thus, he invited us for a Thanksgiving meal. He and his Hondurian wife did a really good job. Their oven is too small for a full turkey so we only had turkey breast. But the food was really good. Even the stuffing was delicious! It was really nice, especially since I did not have Thanksgiving last year.

I am really excited for Christmas! We set up the tree last preparation day!!

Well my favorite miracle from this week really strengthened my testimony on using conversion plans (plans we prayerfully make to help people who have planned baptismal goals/dates). When Yaneya accepted the baptismal invitation, it was a super weak commitment. We feared that she only accepted because her two siblings were excited. Thus when we created the conversion plan, we prayerfully searched scriptures that would especially help her. The day following the invitation, we presented the conversion plan. On Tuesday (about a week after giving them the plan) we had a visit. When we arrived, Yaneya was ready with her Book of Mormon and was super animated during the entire visit, answering more questions than normal. What caused this great change of heart? She started following the conversion plan and completed the reading assignments! I have no doubt that reading the Book Mormon invites the Spirit to testify of the truth. The Book of Mormon has the power to change your heart. All we have to do is create a simple plan to help our investigators get started!

¡Hasta luego!

Elder Buchkovich


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